New Zealand photo tour? Travelling Light can help!

We are often asked by clients how we help them as they plan their New Zealand photo tour.

New Zealand is a long way for most people to travel. Many of our clients are from the USA and Europe, so have undertaken travel in excess of 30 hours to get here in some cases. Having made that commitment to come here to take a New Zealand photo tour, of course, you want to be sure that you maximise the time you have here. That is what we do for you.

Long before you arrive, we will have been speaking with you to scope out what it is that you would like to do when you are here. Some clients have a good idea, some want more help with that. We go through your wishlist (or write one for you) and examine it from several perspectives:

  • Practicality – we know the roads, the travel times and the distances involved to get between the destinations on the list. NZ roads are a bit different from those elsewhere and travel times can be longer than you may be used to
  • Photographic Value – not all destinations are equal, you may have read about X as being the best place to shoot sunset but our experience may be that Y is much better because no one else knows about Y…for example
  • Accommodation – you may have told us that you want 5 star accommodation on your trip but then suggested an itinerary to us where that isn’t possible, so we need to work that out with you
  • Weather/Light
  • Past experience – we have been to a great many locations in NZ and have all manner of insights relating to them based on our experience

Over time, we refine your itinerary with you, incorporating the locations and activities that you want, the hotels you want, the golf/vineyard visits/private wine tours/restaurants and so on that you want. Once we have something you are happy with, we will cost it and invoice it. Prior to arrival, we will let you have packing suggestions, hotel contact details, specific information that may be needed for your itinerary and airport pick up details.

On arrival, we will meet you (or if we are not meeting you from your initial flight, we will have arranged private transfers for you) and from then on, we will travel with you as your guide and concierge, ensuring that all the arrangements go smoothly. We will guide you through the location shoots, helping you with tips and tricks if required.  We work to get you in the right places at the right times based on years of experience, whether that is at dawn to shoot sunrise on Mount Cook or midnight to shoot the Milky Way over the Cape Palliser lighthouse.

Drop us a line and I’ll be only too pleased to discuss your New Zealand photo tour.

Mount Cook taken on New Zealand photo tour

Sunrise on Mount Cook with wind-driven snow on the peak