Exhibition has gone to press!

Logo of Adobe Photoshop.

Logo of Adobe Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, it is true. The files have been passed to Joseph at Big Image Print in Wellington to be printed.

It has been a marathon spent immersed in Adobe Creative Cloud, most particularly in Photoshop and In Design; if I was unfamiliar with the nuances of those two programs before I began this project, I most certainly am familiar with them now! There has to be no faster way to learn something than doing something like this, which takes hours almost every day and is completely immersive in comparison to going on a software course or attending night classes etc – the usual result of weekly courses for me at least has always been that I forget what we did last week and spend half of the new week catching up with that again!Invitations to the exhibition are being mailed out today as well and I will post the exhibition invitation up here in pdf to invite anyone reading here to come along if they are able and see the end result too.

As I type, the wind is howling outside, so fingers crossed that that has all died down to a pleasant breeze by Friday.I am already gestating next year’s projects and travel schedules, which will see me back in Cambodia in July 2014 so if you or your organisation has image needs in SE Asia, please get in touch.

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