Exhibition Going Well

Aside from a couple of days where the Roaring Forties have made it impossible to put the work up safely, the exhibition is going well.

Many very enthusiastic and positive comments have been received which is great to hear as it is always nice to know that your work is appreciated and getting noticed. Some of the images are quite challenging and those who take a few minutes to really see and think about what they are seeing will be rewarded. They take you on a journey to places few will see in the course of typical holiday visits and so on. One comment a number of people made to me was that they were amazed at how happy everyone seemed to be despite living in circumstances that most of us would not wish to find ourselves in. I think this says something quite important about what is actually important in life in order to be happy but I don’t want to colour your thoughts if you have yet to pop along and see the work.

It remains up until the end of the day on Monday in the Square at Martinborough so if you are over to enjoy the food and wine here for the Labour Day weekend, I hope you will find the time to go and see it.

iPhone shot of a man enjoying the exhibition and the sun.

iPhone shot of a man enjoying the exhibition and the sun.

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