About Marcus

About Marcus Adams

Marcus is an award-winning documentary-style photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. He excels at shooting people on location around the world. His favourite assignments require him to immerse himself in cultures for a period of time. Clients send him to a destination and ask him to capture the feel of it.

Marcus’ clients are travel and human-interest magazines, design agencies, and corporate clients. They hire him because they love his photojournalistic style and for his ability to capture a moment in time.

NGO’s hire him because of his discreet documentary-style approach, his ability to create a sense of place and to capture images that tell a story about issues that deserve attention. Marcus’ strong commitment to ethical causes, his vast travel experience and exposure to a multitude of diverse cultures and peoples is a bonus.

Marcus’ mission is to make a lasting contribution to the world by raising awareness of and leveraging current affairs, and promoting the need for change through his photography.

Marcus is always looking for new opportunities. Please get in touch to discuss how he can bring your cause, business, publication, client or product to life and help it get the recognition it deserves.